About Us
Founded in 2018, Chemical.AI is one of the technology leading companies leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data to transform research and development to shape the future of chemistry. ChemAIRS boosts success rates in synthesis route design and prediction with diverse synthesis strategies. In 2021, Chemical.AI also established an AIoT automation lab (ChemAILab) in Shanghai to bring dry lab and wet lab together to provide more professional and efficient chemical synthesis services to the industry. And in 2022, Chemical.AI was recognized as "China High-Tech Enterprise".
Our Story
Chemical.AI was founded in Wuhan in 2018, followed by a branch office in Shanghai in the following year and ChemAILab in 2021, with a team of chemoinformatics experts, chemical synthesis experts and talented IT professionals.
About Technology

Chemical.AI has successfully collaborated with a number of well-known domestic and international pharmaceutical companies in the areas of retrosynthesis route design, process route design, molecule library generation, compound synthesis feasibility evaluation, ELN and Building Block integration, and CRO chemical synthesis services.

Another core technology—ChemAIoT, the "Intelligent Internet of Things", enables intelligent algorithmic decision making, standardization of work processes, high-quality data barriers and automatic synthesis with human-machine collaboration, which has been used in ChemAILab.